A Brief History on the Legality of Gambling

In our world today, there is this one thing that we are very positive about; gambling is very dominant. Starting from a local lottery, to casinos, to football pools or even just simple sports betting. It has become a big part of peoples lives that can be compared to shopping routines and eating habits. However, for most teens around the globe, gambling has extremely developed into an occasional bet among friends.

For some, it can be an obsession. The main problem about gambling, especially compulsive gambling, it can lead into a crippling illness which can affect friends, families, jobs and your own personal life. There are a lot of history books out there that specializes on the study on the legality of gambling, the argument that US gambling has already undergone 3 historical phases. During the post revolutionary and colonial periods, gambling thrived incessantly. In fact, the government encouraged and supported people to participate in lotteries.

During this time, lottery was not the only gambling game. Betting on horse racing was also a popular gambling habit among people. However, racing was not that organized and was not that complicated as compared to the horse racing that we have in today's generation. During that time, horse racing gambling was only between the owners of the horses and the partisans.

In the Southern States, where most people craved for revenue, lotteries were the only resort. There were some new laws that enacted the legalization of gambling lottery houses, this was done so that the states can collect taxes from them. When gambling moves to the best, it became a lot more pervasive and the laws were harder to enforce. During the 1890's, Louisiana was studded with scandals which resulted to the birth of anti-lottery laws. The legislation banning the lotteries in a lot of states follows and in fact, some of it were written to the State Constitution.

Today, gambling in now more than what it was before. A lot of states have already legalized all forms of gambling including, horse racing, lotteries, casino games, football games and among others. It is now a form of past time and entrainment rather than a source of revenue. In fact, gambling today has already reached the vicinity of the virtual world and it is a very popular online activity. Most people prefer gambling online as they find it more convenient and a lot more exciting as compared to real time gambling.