Casinos in America and the World

Gambling has indubitably been a part of the human experience since before recorded history, but the very first official account of people gambling has been seen in China in 2300 BC. Of course, everywhere in the world, there is no doubt that gambling has played some part in people's way of life. Mythology, folklore, historical accounts, and academic records throughout the world and across history have made mention of gambling activities -whether recreational or otherwise.

In Europe, casinos have existed in different places, since the 19th Century; perhaps even earlier. One of the greatest gambling destinations in the world is in Europe. Monte Carlo, in Monaco, is said to have once been -and still continues to be- the center of Europe's gambling elite. The casino business in Monaco saw a fair amount of growth when, during the 1860s, countries like Germany outlawed gambling.

In the United States, the American frontier's earliest versions of the casino were the saloons. Saloons were places where travelers could drink, get together, enjoy live entertainment, and gamble together. The saloons in major US cities like St. Louis, San Francisco, New Orleans, and Chicago were important to the development of casinos in the country. Various gambling games and gambling machines, such as roulette and the slot machine were frequently parts of the American saloon. At the beginning of the Twentieth Century, gambling was also outlawed throughout the United States. One of the first States in America to overturn this law and legalize gambling again was Nevada, in 1931. Because of this, the city of Las Vegas, in Nevada has now become one of the best known gambling destinations in the world. The casino business in Las Vegas has truly soared since then and this city is where some of the best and most famous casinos in the world can be found, as well as some of the most spectacular live entertainment in the world. Because of the bright, decadent, and admittedly kitschy culture that has developed from Las Vegas' economic boom, it is today known as Sin City.

But Las Vegas is not the only great gambling city in the United States. Atlantic City is the gambling central of the US east coast. When gambling was legalized in 1978 in the state of New Jersey, Atlantic City became a part of the world's casino industry, and it is the greatest gambling tourism hotspot in the United States, second only to Las Vegas.